Theology: Theory and Practice
"Theology: Theory and Practice" is international, quarterly, bilingual open access scientific journal on theology and current issues in Abrahamic religious studies
The development of the journal is planned to be carried out in several thematic areas presented below
The purpose of the journal is to publish scientific research for the purpose of understanding and developing the historical, theoretical and practical specialties of theology as a branch of science.

The objectives of the journal are to interpret, systematize and increase scientific knowledge in theology.

The journal publishes research on the formation and development of Christianity in the light of the latest challenges associated with the transformation of the Christian presence in the world. The journal is interested in publishing scientific research, regardless of the confessional and religious affiliation of the author. The journal does not emphasize the value of articles on the basis of a statement about the author's belonging to the Christian religion or sympathy for it.

Published research devoted to the study of the contemporary Christian presence in the world, analysis of the situation of Christian churches, communities of believers, religious missions; explores the relationship between Christian churches, as well as their relationship with Islam, Judaism and other religions.

The issues of theological and church-practical nature that influenced the position and development of the Christian religion in the world in the past and at the present stage are considered. The subjects of the persecution of Christians, the growth or extinction of the Christian presence, the relationship of Christian denominations with the government of the host country, the participation of the Christian religion in the political and cultural processes of society are being studied.

The biographical information of authoritative Christian theologians, representatives of the church and confessional hierarchy, ordinary believers who have had one or another influence on the life of Christian communities are studied. Materials are published that reflect memories of a journey to holy places or creative notes about Christianity in the region, both from the authors themselves and others.

Researches are published on the history of the formation, spread, development and persecution of Christian churches, the Christian population of various countries.

Of no small importance is the publication of studies related to the study of the emergence of Christian communities in the world, the nineteen-century history of the spread of Christianity in the region of the modern Greater Middle East, the formation of regional theological trends, theological disputes, heresies; the relationship of Christian churches and hierarchies with state power, the local population, with representatives of heretical and fellow faith communities.

Reviews of books published no earlier than one year before the day the manuscript is received by the editors are published.

Surveys about the held conferences, round tables, presentations, forums, thematic meetings.

It is possible to publish author's translations or extracts from previously published collections or books that have become a notable event in the national or international scientific space.

The preferred language for scientific research is English.


In accordance with the definition of open access formulated at the Budapest Open Access Conference, users of the journal materials are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, cite full-text articles of the journal, provide links to them without prior approval from the publisher or the author of the material.